Concert Performances at Le Poisson Rouge and Mathis der Maler in Zurich

I don’t know how you all feel about the “Response to Comments as Blog Posts” format I’m following here, but it’s really working for me.

In the past week I’ve gotten a couple of interesting comments that I think are worth sharing and responding to – one about the Met’s new concert initiatives at Le Poisson Rouge and one about Zurich’s recent Mathis der Maler and the lack of coverage.

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Re: 5 Reasons Why Traditional Opera Kind of Sucks

About a week ago (maybe longer?  I’m only just recovering my sense of time after the madness of July/August), a commenter by the name of Antonio pointed me towards Re:Classical’s “5 Reasons Why Traditional Opera Kind of Sucks” post.  The “About” section of my blog is getting rather ungainly, so I’m trying to start shifting discussions from the About section into blog posts.

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