Re: 5 Reasons Why Traditional Opera Kind of Sucks

About a week ago (maybe longer?  I’m only just recovering my sense of time after the madness of July/August), a commenter by the name of Antonio pointed me towards Re:Classical’s “5 Reasons Why Traditional Opera Kind of Sucks” post.  The “About” section of my blog is getting rather ungainly, so I’m trying to start shifting discussions from the About section into blog posts.

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David McVicar and Royal Opera Insights: Directing and Acting

The Royal Opera live-tweeted an interview with David McVicar as part of their “Opera Insights” series.  McVicar’s Salome (inspired by the 1975 Pasolini film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom – not a film for the faint of heart of weak of stomach) has been in rep at the Royal Opera since it premiered in 2008, and his new Les Troyens opens toward the end of June.

Based on the ROH’s tweets, the interview covered a lot of ground, from rehearsal methods to to surtitles to comic acting in opera.  Unfortunately, the ROH has no plans to make a complete version of the interview available, but they have assured us that clips will be forthcoming.  The parts of the interview that were relayed across the twitterverse (you heard me!) were rather provocative.  I spent much of the afternoon pondering his first answer:

David McVicar tweets from the Royal Opera

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